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You get it done. 

Your business card should too.

Introducing the HYPE Cards.

Laser-etched Architecture-Grade Anodized Aluminum.  These cards stand out.  They make a statement.

In a world of so much information, these cards capture the attention of your friends, colleagues, clients, and even potential dates, in a way that other cards don't.

Our team of graphic designers and engineers have created these to directly help you.  Hundreds of user interviews. Dozens of different designs tested.  All boil down to these.

Simplicity is hard. But you're worth it.  

Our unabashed goal is to help you blow people away.  A card made of laser-etched anodized aluminum is not necessary for transmitting your personal information.  Your phone can do that.  This card is necessary for showing people that you mean it.  You do want to connect with them.  You do mean business.  Live like you mean it.



The cards are extremely thin at 16 thousandths of an inch - half that of a credit card or standard ID.

BOLD: A design that is bold and simple. Just your name and your contact on the reverse.


BLOCK: For those days when you want to throw back and share all that information.  But you've got to look good doing it.  A unique artistic rendering of multiple typefaces.


SPOTLIGHT: Your initials standing out as well as your email or phone.


3 Colors. 3 Styles. Simple. Elegant.


Introducing the Hustle and Play Historical Hall of Fame Deck of Playing Cards.
You might not always play cards, but when you do, you use anodized aluminum.

We believe in great design, and we do our best to bring that to you.  It's about taking something that you use every day and thinking about what it's meant for.  A business card isn't just about giving your contact info out.  Yes, it does that.  But more than that - a business card is about having people remember you.  So that when they get home to that stack of 20 tattered cards, yours triggers a vivid memory of the interaction you had with them.

For more information on our new firm, please check us out at


Hustle and Play is a creative studio recently founded in Austin, Tx by young designers and engineers from varying backgrounds who are all dedicated to creating amazing consumer experiences.

Meet our team.










MIT designer driven to develop beautiful everyday products.
Hustle: Premium Consumer Experiences, Transformational Design Thinking, & All Things Startup
Play: Accomplished drummer, aspiring pilot



Inspired by Creative Writing roots (University of Houston) to make "unmakeable things". 
Hustle: Striking Graphic Design, Sophisticated Audio Experiences, & Web Programming
Play: Loves puppies


Educated by Notre Dame and corporate retail, refind by daily adventure and regular off-beat traveling. 
Hustle: Consumer-focused Design & Contagious Marketing
Play: Fitness in all forms



Audio and mechanical engineer trained in Texas (UT). 
Hustle: Innovative and Refined Audio Recording, Functional Guerilla Design
Play: Spanish guitar, electric guitar...every guitar

To talk to a team member, reach us at




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are they heavy?

    They won't weigh you down! Each card weighs .2 oz, slightly less than a credit card, and is half as thick as one.

  • Will they trigger a metal-detector?

    No, travel at your leisure! HYPE cards are made of aluminum, not iron, so you will not be stopped at security. Or at least not because of them.

  • Why do they cost what they do?

    Our production process and materials are top-notch, necessitating a higher price-tag than your run-of-the-mill business card, but not too high as to make them unapproachable. To ensure the HYPE cards are waterproof and will never fade or tear from standard use, we make them from architecture-grade aluminum, the same material that is used for high-quality bike frames. They are engraved using a state-of-the-art, 10.6 micrometer laser, because, after all, doesn't your name deserve to be precisely cut?

  • Will the color ever bleed?

    No! While we wouldn't advise it, these cards are safe to run through the wash! Unlike ink, the electrochemical dye that produces the color on the HYPE cards is adhered to the material and physically cannot separate to stain other fabrics, materials, or your hands.

  • Can I design my own?

    We offer a reward level for customized cards. Please email us at to discuss designs and requirements.

  • Are the HYPE cards sharp?

    They are not dangerous and will not cut you, but they do slice a mean block of cheese when you're in a pinch!

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